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Expat services

The number of expatriates and internationals located in and around The Hague is ever increasing in numbers. Through years of experience we have gained insight into this particular segment of the housing market. As our employees have lived and worked abroad, we are eminently familiar with the needs, desires and demands of expatriates and internationals.

Besides finding suitable housing, it is our desire to make you feel comfortable as soon as possible in the right place in The Hague and make this feel as "home". This can be done by offering support in finding schools, shops and (sports) clubs taking into account the habits and culture of the country of origin. In particular, the success of your well-being is important to get the right information about the daily business in the Netherlands in general and in The Hague. This information can be quite basic and practical in nature, but may also relate to financial and economic aspects.

Expatriate services we offer are very extensive, you could think about:

  • General information on living and life in certain neighborhoods, or nearby
  • Organize tours to explore the different areas / environments. We can pick up the client from the temporary accommodation or airport
  • Assistance with applying for a social security number (known as a BSN number) / bank account
  • Organizing and coordinating removals
  • Housing. We can offer guidance when buying or renting a home and give support to everything that comes with it
  • Mortgages, insurance and taxes. We work together with specialists in those fields
  • Additional services on request.

We can communicate to you in English, Spanish, German and of course Dutch.

The personal attention and services are customized, considering each situation.

All your relevant procedures are important to us so that we can assist you in the right way. Guidance to open bank accounts, applying for public transport or parking permit, connection of utility facilities and other practical matters. Our goal is that you can live carefree, work and enjoy your stay.

We welcome you for a meeting to discuss the possibilities.

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