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Nice to meet you!

The Netherlands turns orange! Onesta Vastgoed spreads itself further and further across the country! Are you curious about our services and what we can do for you?

In The Hague we are ready to sell your house for the very best price, close a good purchase deal, look for the most reliable tenant or help you find a nice rental house. We can also arrange valuations and business offices for you. You will find us in the middle of the city center on the Denneweg and on the Van Bergenstraat in Scheveningen. Or follow all the orange signs for sale and for rent: then you will get there too! Because we also have an in-house mortgage advisor ready, we can help you with the entire process. 

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You can find our office around the corner at the Lange Voorhout in the cozy Buurtschap 2005:

Denneweg 9D
2514 CB The Hague

Our second office is located at the Scheveningen harbor (crossing Statenlaan/Westduinweg):

Van Bergenstraat 49
2583 CS The Hague

Meet the team of Onesta Real Estate

team onesta vastgoed Melanie

Melanie Barsoumian

Owner and Certified Realtor / Valuer

Our headpiece, Melanie, set up Onesta over 13 years ago. A wealth of knowledge, experience and the ability to gather the best team around her (😉) ensure that Onesta is rock solid!

team onesta vastgoed Lisette

Lisette de Ronde


For Lisette the rental process is familiar territory; in addition to taking care of (renting out) interviews and viewings, she is also familiar with all law and regulations so that all your questions are answered and you are provided with the best advice. If you rent out your home with Onesta, she will recruit the best tenants and the most favorable conditions!

team onesta vastgoed Boris

Boris van der Heijden

Sales realtor

Sharp negotiations? A current view of the market? Leave that up to Boris. He is known to us as Big Boris for a reason. Getting the highest yield is without a doubt his life goal.

team onesta vastgoed Frans

Frans van der Kraan

Commercial real estate

Opening a new barbershop or catering tent? Then Frans likes to watch with you. Not (just) for a different haircut or a beer, but because he knows everything about corporate housing: rental, sale, lease and purchase. And with his legal background you have a total package right away.

team onesta vastgoed penny

Penny de Kuijper

Office Manager

That everything within the office runs smoothly, we owe to our 'Ms. Planning': Penny! She is not only the first contact at Onesta (whether by telephone or face-to-face), but she also takes care of the planning and agendas of all colleagues. Is there an appointment that needs to be rescheduled last minute, or are we stuck in the printer with a paper emergency? Thanks to Penny, these problems are solved before you actually realize it. Add to that a good dose of service orientation, and you have penny's winning formula!

team onesta vastgoed

Samantha Planje

Office Rental agent

Rental contracts, key transfers, interviews and specific clauses: leave the office rental up to Samantha! She is ready to explain it in detail. Are you as a tenant or landlord still struggling with something? Samantha is here for you! And even if you as a landlord prefer to outsource the management, then you have come to the right place to let yourself be completely unburdened.

team onesta vastgoed

Sharon van den Berg ARMT

Purchase agreements, deadlines and advertisements, just a couple of words which bring excitement to Sharon as office staff! She takes care of everything down to the last detail whereby you as customer have no need to worry. A day for Sharon is filled in by continuously ensuring the important dates and taking care of the right documentation.

team onesta vastgoed Manuel

Manuel Barsoumian

Financial Administration Employee

The king of bills! When it comes down to administration and invoicing, Manuel takes care of everything! He also take care of the VAT return and the personnel administration. His affairs are always in order, which is key when it comes to the numbers.

Do you have any questions regarding invoices? Then you need Manuel!

team onesta vastgoed


Co-founder and COO Onesta Groep | Financial Advisor

After more than 10 years of self-employment in the real estate and finance sectors, Michan has enriched Onesta Vastgoed with a financial branch. Thus, Onesta Groep was created! Next to his duties as COO, Michan also assists his clients on a daily basis with their mortgage needs.

team onesta vastgoed stephan


Mortgage Advisor

Don't you agree it is always nice to have everything under one roof? With Stephan as an mortage advisor, the purchasing cycle is complete. Looking to buy a property? Then you can go straight to Stephan for the mortgage. You think such a big financial decision is exciting? Of course! But with his calm and carefulness, you would prefer to buy a house every week!

team onesta vastgoed hediyeh

Hediyeh Notash

Realtor in training

With Hediyeh, the sky is the limit. With a view to opening a third location in Purmerend, we are in good with this realtor in training. She comes from the marketing world and uses that knowledge at Onesta for everything related to mailings and social media!

team onesta vastgoed


Office Manager / Assistant Realtor

Also known as 'the spider in the web'. Behind the scenes she arranges everything within Onesta. And this perticular spider is a real asset to have next to you - ask Michan and Hediyeh! She supports them in getting mortage loans and is co-responsible for the customer journey within Onesta Purmerend.


Eloise Roos

Her internship was not finished yet and we already knew: we need to keep her! At Onesta group she not only supports mortgages, but also as office staff real estate agency. And besides that she also started her new study ‘real estate expert’, so that she can gain a lot of knowledge of the profession to support and advice everybody to her full capaciti

team onesta vastgoed

Anncy Wicherts, Patty Stuivenberg, 
Beau van der Heijden


With our interns, Onesta is complete.


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