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The dynamic real estate market needs a stable efficient and transparent service with a professional personal-oriented touch. Onesta Real Estate meets that need.

Onesta Real Estate is internationally oriented and specialized in expat housing and related services. We can communicate with you in English, Spanish, German and, of course, Dutch.

Below, you will find the services we can offer you:

  • Buying and selling guidance;
  • Rental and leasing guidance;
  • Expat services;
  • Property management;
  • (Validated) appraisals.

We are working together with specialists in the field of mortgages, insurance and taxes. They are based in our office, and selected on quality and experience.

By working closely together and joining forces with partners, we can offer our high-quality servces at competitive prices.

The customer is always king. "Taking care" is our motto. We can provide all our services under one roof. Our efficient method ensures that no unnecessary work is carried out. Onesta Real Estate saves you time and money.

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Kom langs

U vindt ons kantoor op de Denneweg 9-d om de hoek bij het Lange Voorhout in het gezellige Buurtschap 2005.

Meet the team of Onesta Real estate

team onesta vastgoed Melanie

Melanie Barsoumian

Certified Broker / Taxateur

About 10 years ago – at the height of the crisis – I decided to settle as a real estate agent: a choice I have not yet regretted!

I primarily focused on the letting and rental services for expats. The contact with clients with different backgrounds, cultures and specific needs was and still is very interesting and can be very refreshing. It is a nice stimulus when you can successfully provide not only a living space, but also a ‘home’. I now have shifted my focus to the sales and purchase of real estate, investments, valuations and validated valuations to receive financing. For these activities, it is of paramount importance to keep a close eye on the developments of the industry.

The ultimate challenge is to sell an object/property for the best price imaginable, but a successful contribution as purchasing realtor is just as satisfying. 

Coordinating closely with my team, the strategy and policy are determined. The processes should be done in accordance with that strategy. However, in practice it turns out things can be a bit less steady, so everyone’s flexibility and creativity is continually invoked: that keeps us sharp!

Onesta Real Estate, started in a little attic room, grown into a beautiful real estate office with fantastic, professional and driven colleagues whom make me very proud. The team of realtors and colleagues is selected on their expertise, social skills and service and customer focus. In our aim to de-stress our clients, a maximum end result, our professionality and customer service are most important.

Our office distinguishes itself by thinking of a tailored strategy for every object, property or house, which results in success.


  • Drafting validated valuation reports;
  • Mediation and guidance for purchasing and selling;
  • Property management;
  • Expat purchasing and selling services;
  • Insight in the The Hague property market


team onesta vastgoed Vincent

Vincent de Wit

Certified Broker / Taxateur

Within Onesta Real Estate I am partly responsible for the purchasing and selling of properties. This service I provide for consumers, but also professional investors. Next to that, I am also involved in the optimization of business management as well as marketing campaigns.

I have been working in the real estate business in The Hague for over 10 years and have served a variety of clients. I am not only familiar with practically every street in The Hague, but also those in Rijswijk and Voorburg.

Many starters, whom I have aided in their purchase of their first real estate property I see returning to me for a next (bigger) property. Next to starters, people moving to a bigger house and small property owners, I have also aided  bigger investment companies. I have devised and executed multiple ‘uitpond-projecten’ for housing corporations.
With my knowledge and experience I feel I am a valuable addition to the dynamics in Onesta. I am here, for you.

I do not just sell your house, I sell the house where you have had experiences: good and bad. Now it is time for a new house. My aim is to help you in finding your new dream house, where I will mediate on your behalf and try to handle everything as good and as completely as possible.


  • Mediation and guidance for purchasing and selling;
  • Advising and guiding for investment opportunities;
  • Finding and forwarding chances to my cllients;
  • Drafting (validated) valuation reports.


team onesta vastgoed Jober

Jober Kleijn

Gecertificeerd Makelaar / Junior Taxateur

In January of 2017 I have started at Onesta Real Estate as Realtor/Junior Appraiser. Thanks to my experience in the rental market, it is quite possible you have already met me at a viewing of a rental property.

With my background as Bachelor of Business Administration (MER) Real Estate and Brokerage and part-studies on subjects such as environment and energy, my focus is on valuations, especially as the market is now growing very rapidly. With finishing the EPA-courses, I may now call me an “energy advisor”.

The last few years energy and durability are playing a bigger role by the day. Houses with efficient energy saving features distinguish themselves more in their added value. By making energy certifications mandatory, cost-saving measures become more and more important. I gladly advise people on this.

Having grown up in ‘foreign’ countries, as an expat child, giving guidance to expats is not only a fun addition, but also means that I can understand their experiences and wishes. With me, Onesta has an extra enthusiastic all-round realtor/valuer, whom gladly helps you in the real estate world.


  • Expat guidance (English);
  • Mediation and guidance for purchasing and selling;
  • Mediation and guidance for renting and letting;
  • Drafting (validated) valuation reports;
  • Energy reports.


team onesta vastgoed Sarah

Sarah van der Heijden

Broker / Valuer (finishing degree) in Real Estate; Rental property.

Since 2015 I have been working at Onesta Real Estate as a rental realtor. In case you want to rent or let your property, you will probably get in touch with me. I enjoy finding a suitable match between renter, lessor and a suitable living space. It is not only that the tenant must love the property, the tenant and lessor must also have a suitable connection.

Rental agreements and the rights and obligations coming from them, can have great consequences for both parties, thus making it important that they are well-made juridically. I try to offer the best protection for both parties and there is nothing unclear about the nature of the rental agreement.

When trying to let real estate, a good presentation on internet is of paramount importance. With captivating pictures and descriptions I gladly take that responsibility on me. The aim is to rent successfully with the best price and terms.

Because I grew up in Spain and some time in England, I can help you in Spanish, English, German and of course also in Dutch. Thanks to my experiences abroad I can easily empathize in the needs and wishes of clients who emigrate to the Netherlands. My challenge is to make sure people feel at gome as soon as possible. That expats are primarily looking for reliable and full services, I understand. That service I would gladly provide for Onesta Real Estate.


  • Expat guidance (Spanish, English, Dutch or German);
  • Guidance for rent and letting;
  • Drafting (rental) agreement;
  • Rental valuation;
  • Property management.


team onesta vastgoed Jober

Anouk de Loos

Office manager

Since February 2017 I have been working as an office employee at Onesta Real Estate.

After graduating for my HBO Tourism in 2014, I have been working in the catering industry, which helped me to travel the world. After these experiences, I was ready for a new and especially professional challenge. I was not sure in what industry I wanted to work. Through friends of mine, the job at Onesta Real Estate came to me: I was immediately interested. During the solicitation I got a good look at what the real estate industry is about, as well as seeing the enthusiasm which was present in this office. The ambiance was great, so my choice was too! Luckily that sentiment was mutual and I could help out the team.

My activities consist of managing the agenda(s) of my colleagues, planning in the valuations and the contact with clients at the desk, per mail or through the telephone. Helping clients navigating the vast properties that are offered, is something I do with great pleasure. In the dynamic world of real estate, I keep on learning daily: no day is truly the same.


  • Planning in appointments;
  • (First) guidance for clients;
  • Drafting contracts, agreements and invoices;
  • Helping out the realtors;
  • (Administrative) management of properties.


team onesta vastgoed Colin

Colin Tetteroo

Interior Worker

From June 2016 I have been working at Onesta Real Estate. Coming from the kitchens of the catering industry, this was truly an entirely different experience. Providing a service was something I could do, however at Onesta there is a more personal and longer contact.

I help my colleagues with mainly the administrative side, such as sending and preparing contracts and such, but also contact via telephone and email, and the planning of appointments with Hilde.

Next to my law study, this work is also very interesting: getting to learn the theory, here I get to see everything ‘in action’.


  • Drafting and preparing contracts, agreements and invoices;
  • Helping out the realtors;
  • Helping out with property management;
  • Planning in appointments.


team onesta vastgoed Boris

Boris van der Heijden

Realtor / appraiser in training

team onesta vastgoed Boris



team onesta vastgoed Manuel

Manuel Barsoumian

Financial administrator

Within Onesta Real Estate I take care of payments. Incoming and outgoing invoices always go through me and I archive these in our administration. Furthermore, I handle the VAT declarations and the personal administration. In case u have questions with regards to invoices, I can help you out!