onesta real estate

The dynamic real estate market needs a stable efficient and transparent service with a professional personal-oriented touch. Onesta Real Estate meets that need.

Onesta Real Estate is internationally oriented and specialized in expat housing and related services. We can communicate with you in English, Spanish, German and of course Dutch.

We are able to offer:

  • Expat services;
  • Rental and leasing;
  • Buying and selling;
  • Management;
  • (Validated) Appraisals.

We have been working for years in the area of mortgages, insurance, taxes, small or complete renovations working together with specialists, selected on the basis of quality and experience.

The customer is always king. "Taking care" is our motto. We are able to provide all our services under one roof. Our efficient method ensures that no unnecessary work is carried out. Onesta Real Estate save you time and money.

By working closely together and joining forces with partners, we are able to offer our high-quality services at competitive prices.

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Meet the team of Onesta Real estate

team onesta vastgoed Melanie

Melanie Barsoumian

Gecertificeerd Makelaar / Taxateur

"Inmiddels ben ik al 6 jaar werkzaam in de Haagse vastgoed wereld en heb in die jaren een breed netwerk opgebouwd. Aan het begin van mijn vastgoedcarrière heb ik mij voornamelijk beziggehouden met aan- en verhuurdiensten voor expats. Op dit moment maak ik regelmatig gevalideerde taxaties op voor cliënten met als doel het verkrijgen van een financiering. Het waarderen van woningen vindt ik erg interessant om te doen, het geeft een zeer goed beeld van de marktontwikkelingen in de branche. Ook het succesvol verkopen van woningen in deze tijd is een echte uitdaging, ik probeer mij te onderscheiden door per pand een gunstige verkoopstrategie te bedenken tegen gunstige voorwaarden".


  • Opstellen van gevalideerde taxatierapporten;
  • Verkoop woningen;
  • Vastgoed beheer
  • Expat aan- verhuur services;
  • Inzicht in de Haagse woningmarkt;

team onesta vastgoed Vincent

Vincent de Wit

Gecertificeerd Makelaar / Taxateur

Within Onesta Real Estate, I am jointly responsible for buying and selling homes. I do this for consumers, but also for professional investors. In addition, I'm working on optimizing business and marketing campaigns.

I have been working for more than 10 years in the Hague estate agency, serving several clients and clients. I am not only familiar with almost all of The Hague's streets, but also know the streets of the municipality of Voorburg and Rijswijk.

Many starters I bought or sold, I look back as flowers looking for another (often larger) home. In addition to the starter, the doorstep and the small property owner, I also bought and sold a lot for large investment companies. For several housing corporations, I have set up projects and implemented projects.
With my knowledge and experience, I consider to be a valuable addition to the dynamics within Onesta. I'm here for you.

I do not sell your home alone, I sell your home where you have shared love and sorrow. And now you are welcome to a new home. My goal is to help you find your new dream home that I mediate on your behalf and make matters as good and complete as possible for you.


  • Guidance / mediation on purchase and sale;
  • Advising and mediating with investments;
  • Finding and applying opportunities to my clients;
  • Compilation of (validated) valuation reports;

team onesta vastgoed Jober

Jober Kleijn

Gecertificeerd Makelaar / Junior Taxateur

In January 2017 I started working on Onesta Real Estate as a Broker / Junior Taxator. Due to my experience in the rental sector (sector), you may also encounter me from visits to rented houses.

With my background of Bachelor of Business Administration (MER) Real Estate and Real Estate and Environmental and Energy Studies, my focus is on valuations, especially when the housing market is growing rapidly. By assessing and evaluating reports a lot, my expertise in the Hague housing market has grown rapidly. With the completion of the EPA courses, I can call me "energy advisor".

In recent years, energy and sustainability have become an increasingly important part of the real estate world. Houses with efficient energy saving are increasingly distinguished in their added value. Cost-saving measures are becoming increasingly important by obliging energy labels. I would like to advise you.

The fact that I have grown abroad (with expat parents) is that escorting expats is not only a nice accessory, but also means that I can live well in their experience and wishes. Onesta has an enthusiastic all-round broker / valuer who wants to guide you in the real estate world.


  • Expat guidance (English);
  • Guidance / mediation on purchase and sale;
  • Guidance on rent and rental;
  • Compilation of (validated) valuation reports;
  • Energy reporting;

team onesta vastgoed Sarah

Sarah van der Heijden

Broker / Valuer (finishing degree) in Real Estate; Rental property.

I work at Onesta Vastgoed as Broker / Valuer in the Real Estate rental property market. I am currently studying and finishing my degree.

The listing and presentation of properties on the Internet is very important. My specialty is presenting attractive photos with informative descriptions. The goal is successful hiring with the most favorable prices and terms.

I grew up in Spain and have also lived for a while in England. Recently I returned to the Netherlands as an Expat. As a linguist I am able to speak in Spanish, English, German and of course Dutch. As I have lived and worked abroad, I can identify with the needs and wishes of foreign clients. My challenge is to make our clients feel at home as soon as possible. The process in finding appropriate housing can sometimes be erratic, therefore I aim to run as carefree as possible for all our clients. I do not have a 9 to 5 mentality. We understand expats are particularly looking for reliable and a total comprehensive service. I can realize these services, which I pleasingly offer on behalf of Onesta Vastgoed.


  • Expat guidance (available in Spanish, English, Dutch or German);
  • Assistance with tenancies;
  • Rent valuations;
  •  Assistance with purchase;
  • Managing real estate;

team onesta vastgoed Hilde

Hilde Korving

Office Manager / Interior Worker

Since July 2016, I worked as an office manager / in-house employee at Onesta Vastgoed. For me, this was a whole new challenge for me, I followed the course of Social Pedagogical Assistance and I have always been a swimming instructor. The first couple of weeks I have learned a lot and meanwhile I am totally used to Onesta Vastgoed.

I am often seen as the face of Onesta; That's not strange because virtually all (first) contacts run through me.

The calls and emails are coordinated by me. I provide the information and answer all questions with great pleasure. Taking into account the wishes and opportunities of the parties, I plan the arrangements as strategically as possible.

Contracts, agreements and invoices are dealt with with the utmost care. I will ensure that all deadlines are met and that the whole process is smooth, even when the pressure is high. I like an efficient and friendly approach. My work is varied, versatile and never bores.


  • Planning appointments;
  • (First) Client Support;
  • Compilation of assignments, agreements and invoices;
  • Brokerage support;
  • The (administrative) management of real estate;

team onesta vastgoed Jober

Anouk de Loos

Office manager / binnendienstmedewerker

Since February 2017, I work as an office manager / in-house employee at Onesta Vastgoed.

After completing the HBO tourism diploma in 2014, I am going to work in the catering industry, making me able to make many beautiful trips. After this amazing experience, I was ready for a new and especially professional challenge.
I did not know what industry I wanted to work and kept many options open. Via Via I received the vacancy at Onesta Real Estate; The work spoke to me immediately.
During the job interview I received an overview of the real estate industry and saw what professionalism and especially with what enthusiasm at this office. The atmosphere felt right, making my choice quick. Fortunately, that feeling was mutual and if I got to strengthen the team!

My work consists of managing the agendas, planning estimates and the many contacts with customers at the desk, by mail or telephone. Demonstrate customers in the web of the wide range is an activity that I'm doing with great pleasure. In this dynamic world of real estate, I learn daily. No day is the same.


  • Planning appointments;
  • (First) Client Support;
  • Compilation of assignments, agreements and invoices;
  • Brokerage support;
  • The (administrative) management of real estate.

team onesta vastgoed Colin

Colin Tetteroo

Interior Worker

From June 2016 I am employed at Onesta Real Estate. Coming from the catering industry (kitchens), this was a completely different challenge for me. Service density was already known to me, but here at Onesta there is a longer and more personal contact.

I support my colleagues with mainly the administrative side, such as sending and preparing documents and agreements, but also telephone contact with and planning for parties I take with Hilde on me.

This work is i.c.m. My study of law is also interesting: besides learning the theory, I actually apply this and I see a bit how it goes into real life.


  • Preparation and preparation of instruments, agreements and invoices;
  • Brokerage support;
  • Support of property managers;
  • Planning appointments;

team onesta vastgoed Manuel

Manuel Barsoumian

Financial administrator

Within Onesta Real Estate, I make the payments. Inbound and outbound invoices always go past me and I book these in a bookkeeping program. In addition, I provide the VAT declaration and the personnel administration. If you have questions regarding invoices, you can join me!

team onesta vastgoed Jober

Rogelio Siem

Makelaar / taxateur in opleiding - stagiair

Sinds februari loop ik stage bij Onesta Vastgoed. Als derdejaars student Vastgoed & Makelaardij aan de Hogeschool van Rotterdam is het boeiend om mijn theoretische kennis in de praktijk te brengen.

Bij Onesta Vastgoed werk ik nu op de Back-Office, maar ik ondersteun ook de makelaars, met wie regelmatig mee naar “buiten” ga. Verder voer ik een onderzoek uit dat gericht is op de invloed van social media op de vastgoedwereld en de vraag hoe daarvan optimaal gebruik te maken. Bij Onesta zie ik toe op de social media accounts en plaats ik regelmatig posts.

Onesta Vastgoed biedt mij de gelegenheid met alle aspecten van het vastgoed in aanraking te komen. Ik ben mij nog aan het oriënteren welke kant(en) van het vastgoed mij het meeste aantrekken en in welke richting(en) ik mij zal willen specialiseren. Aan het eind van mijn stage hoop ik daarop antwoord te hebben.