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Renting real estate can be time consuming. Think of it:

  • Maintaining contact with tenants (telephone / email)
  • Checking and verifying rental payments
  • Corresponding to tenants in case of contractual default
  • Enabling collection agencies and bailiffs
  • Performing (periodic) inspections during occupation and changes of tenants
  • Timely writing to tenants for the annual rent increase
  • Treatment of (maintenance) complaints
  • Enabling handymen and professionals
  • Coordinate and supervise maintenance and repairs
  • Attend HOA meetings and keep track of (recent) decisions.

Considerations to outsource the management may include:

  • In your absence, for example, if you stay long abroad;
  • For tax reasons. If you have multiple properties, it is often fiscally advantageous to accommodate the administration by a professional party. You will be taxed in Box 3 instead of Box 1
  • Event of default or other problems and you do not want to be chasing tenants
  • In the absence of time and maintaining contact with your tenants too much.

The above-mentioned lists are not limited. We can also work items for you that are unlisted or not formally mentioned. We offer you complete management. In this matter, everything can be discussed .

Our ambition is to release all your concerns as far as possible so that the management is smooth and carefree.

We will send you a sample contract, where the services are specified and fees applied.

We are happy to inform you further about the benefits of outsourcing management.

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