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Want to rent a house or apartment?

Finding a suitable rental property or a reliable landlord / owner is similar to finding an apartment to purchase. It takes time and effort and is not completed within one day, impulsive actions or emotions are not a good counsel. Assistance of a real estate agent is therefore advisable. Onesta can represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf.

Main objective of Onesta Vastgoed is finding a suitable rental property that meet your options and desires. Our ambition is to make you feel comfortable and at home as soon as possible in the right place in The Hague. To understand the diversity of communities and neighborhoods we provide useful information.

How does finding a home work?


During the intake or registration, you can express all your wishes and preferences as to a suitable apartment to rent. We will inform you on what  you can expect from Onesta as broker experts and explain our working method.


There are countless websites that advertise apartments / flats or homes available for rent. Onesta Vastgoed is familiar with all these websites. Selecting and making appropriate offers is our daily routine. We can assist on almost each property in the market. Instead of putting yourself through this and planning viewings with all the different agents, we can do this for you. So you always have just one contact person who will arrange all this for you. During the visits, we will give you information about the property and the environment.

Instead of struggling on making appointments with various brokers for scheduled viewings, we can plan a complete tour for you and will accompany and guide you through these selected properties. The advantage of being in contact with just one broker is that you will receive a customized service, we will take into account your preferences. During the visit, we will also provide you with all information about the property and matters of interest in the area (shopping, nightlife, public transport etc, but also with regard to schools, parks and recreational facilities.) These are things you may not have thought of.

Negotiating the rental agreement

When the suitable property is found, we will discuss the possibilities of negotiation which have been examined with you. There are important factors such as your personal situation, we will also discuss the "pluses and minuses" of the property respectively. Onesta Vastgoed can act as intermediary and negotiate for you the rent, the date, the duration of the rental agreement and eventually the costs for the finalized refurbished property (who bears which costs?).

The rental agent represents in most cases the rental agreement. We check these carefully and see to it that this is legally correct and have been prepared in accordance to the agreements made.

The transfer

Finally, we will assist you in the so-called 'check in ' (Property transfer). Hereby we set up an inspection form in which the condition of the property is recorded. Usually this is done by the letting agent. We will ensure that the report is fully completed and accurate. To avoid any discussions on final delivery, there is always a photo shoot made . After the check in, you have 30 days’ time to add supplements to the report. The inspection serves as proof when it comes to the repayment / settlement of the security deposit. If the during check-in any defects flaw, we will assist you in the actions to be taken.

We welcome you for a meeting to discuss the possibilities.




Residential area's in Den Haag

  1. 1) Kijkduin
    2) Made en Uithofpolder
    3) Bohemen en Meer en Bos
    4) Waldeck
  2. 5) Loosduinen
  3. 6) Zichtenburg
  4. 7) Bouwlust
  5. 8) Vrederust
  6. 9) Morgenstond
  7. 10) Wateringse Veld
  8. 11) Leyenburg
  9. 12) Vruchtenbuurt
  10. 13) Bomen- en bloemenbuurt
  11. 14) Vogelwijk
  12. 15) Duindorp
  13. 16) Valkenboskwartier
    17) Rustenburg
    18) Zuiderpark
    19) Moerwijk
    20) Spoorwijk
    21) Groente- en Fruitbuurt
    22) Transvaal
    23) Regentessekwartier

24) Duinoord
25) Statenkwartier
26) Scheveningen
27) Zorgvliet
28) Scheveningse Bosjes
29) Archipelbuurt
30) Zeeheldenkwartier
31) Centrum
32) Schilderswijk
33) Laakkwartier
35) Binckhorst
36) Bezuidenhout
37) Haagse bos
38) Willemspark
40) Westbroekpark
41) Belgisch park
42) Osstduinen
43) Marlot
44) Mariahoeve
45) Forepark
46) Leidschenveen
47) Hoornwijck
48) Ypenburg