The purchase of your home

A big step, but a very enjoyable event. If you already know exactly which property you want to buy, have no idea where to start, or may not even know in what neighborhood you want to live, you've come to the right place. In supplying all your needs, anything is possible. We are ready for you with a customized service. The process should be as hassle-free and efficient as possible for you.

The purchase process: what can you expect from the real estate agent?

Informal talk / discussion assignment

To gain insight into your needs, we are committed to a personalized approach. During the conversation we inform about what you can expect from us and you will get every opportunity to ask questions. Afterwards we can make an appropriate proposal.

The home search

The search through the broad property market can sometimes be very confusing.

You can find almost all the homes offered for sale on the website Funda.nl where you can search endlessly for housing. If you don’t have time, we will perform this search and complete this work for you. We filter the overall properties and select those that meet your needs and requirements. You could then indicate which property you wish to receive more information about or which you would like to view.

Sometimes it turns out within our network that houses are for sale which are not yet offered through the public market. We will certainly show you those properties as well.


This is also an enjoyable activity. During these viewings you will not only learn more about housing, you will also be able to compare homes. During these inspections we try to visualize your desires and needs in relation to your perfect home. We will think with you about any modifications, alterations or even a complete renovation of the desired property. After all the viewings, we will thoroughly discuss with you all aspects of the property for you to decide whether to step in or we will carry on with our search for the appropriate housing.


We can assist you with the purchase or negotiate for you, therefore we will thoroughly inspect the property. We will advise you on the actual market value and future prospects. An appropriate strategy will be discussed. If you are fond or fall in love with a property, then your emotions can be your enemy and hinder negotiations. To remain objective, can then be tricky. We are able to handle this efficiently and can negotiate for you the best price at the best conditions.

The deed of purchase

When an agreement has been reached. Specific appointments are usually determined by the selling agent and fixed in the contract. We will conscientiously go through this purchase agreement and contact the notary where necessary. We also ensure that deadlines and agreements are adhered to and met.

Inspection and transportation

Before the notary registers the sale (officially legitimizing) we will inspect the object with you. We will assure whether the state of the property will be delivered as agreed and mentioned in the purchase agreement. We also record the meter readings. Then the notary can make the sale legal and binding. When the deed of transfer and / or mortgage are signed , we can congratulate you on the purchase of your new home!

If you need a mortgage, it is wise to seek expert advice beforehand. We have a mortgage consultant in house and bring you in contact with experts.

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