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Finally! You’ve decided to put your house up for sale. Not an easy decision for sure. Selling a house can be quite a challenge. It’s not only a matter of getting the highest price, it’s a time of transition, new beginnings and often many uncertainties. Most people experience this undertaking as an emotional rollercoaster.

Turning a challenge into a joy

Onesta will help you sell your property. As a matter of fact, it is our mission to turn this challenge into a process you will enjoy. From the first introduction to signing the sales agreement, we will make sure you have a stress-free experience. This action plan explains in seven simple steps how Onesta will guide you through the process.


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Selling a house in seven simple steps, action plan:


Step 1: Wish list

Are you thinking of selling your home? First, we will meet for an intake interview to get to know you, your wishes and expectations, and the property at hand. We will discuss the size, location and state of the property. We will inform you about the market and about our services. And we will specify what kind of detailed information we will need to start the process.

The intake and your wish list is our guideline. Onesta will provide you with your own contact person for the entire process. The terms of our cooperation will be confirmed in a service agreement. When you sign the service agreement, we will also ask you to fill out some questionnaires about which goods and fixtures come with the house or can be purchased. That way, we don’t have to bother you with questions when we show people around the house.

Step 2: Research

We understand that all you want is the highest price for your property. It is our goal to get you the highest price and the best deal. In order to do that, we need to keep our heads cool because we know that sometime it’s not in your best interest to go with the highest bid. What if it means that you need to vacate your home well before your new home is available: a lot of that extra money will be spent on rent. We see it as our job to be realistic and negotiate the best overall deal.

We will research the real estate market in your street, neighborhood, town and region, including the facilities and other factors that determine the quality of life. We’ll analyze the latest real estate sales in the area. Combined with the property inspection and our own valuation experience, we will now be able to advise you on the value of your property, the asking price and the expected result. In our experience, we tend to realize higher m² prices than average

Step 3: Promotion

A house doesn’t sell itself. That’s why we will create a professional presentation of your property and draft a promotion campaign to kickstart the sale. We’ll make professional (3D) photos, a catchy description, a floorplan, a video, and ‘for sale’ signs and posters will be put up on your property. All you need to do is make your home look tidy, appealing and ‘neutral’.

The presentation will be distributed through our own website, real estate websites like, and Onesta is very active on social media. Furthermore, we’ll advertise within our network of realtors and promote your house in our own database of searchers.

Step 4: Viewings

When people start showing an interest, we will plan the viewings. It’s better not to be present during the viewings, but you could bake an apple pie and make a fresh pot of coffee. Let us handle the viewings and know that we will always keep your preferences in mind, your wish list is our guideline.

Step 5: Negotiations 

When the bidding starts, we’ll begin the negotiating process with the interested parties. Viewings will continue for as long as your house hasn’t sold. We will keep our heads cool and go for the best result.

The highest price is not always the best bid. Sometimes it’s better to accept a slightly lower sum without conditions than a higher price with all kinds of contingencies. We want you to walk away with a 100% solid deal feeling content and ready for your next step in life.

Step 6: Signature

After successful negotiations we’ll seal the deal with a sales agreement. The agreement should reflect everything that was negotiated. It also shows the rights and obligations of both the selling party and the purchasing party.

If you have trouble understanding the real estate language, or jargon, please don’t hesitate to ask us to explain the document to you. We want to make sure you know what you’re signing. We will also monitor the timetable and the execution of the conditions in the sales agreement. Everything should be ready before the appointment at the notary.

Step 7: Congratulations!

We will send the sales agreement to the purchasing party and prepare for the transfer of ownership. The notary will set the date for the signing of the act of delivery. At the notary office, the act of delivery will first be checked before you sign it. After the handover of the keys, the house is no longer yours.

Time for champagne, you did it! A new phase will begin, whether it’s a bigger house or trip around the world, we hope you will find what you’re looking for. And we hope to see you again when you’re ready for yet another step.

For now: congratulations!


Onesta is here to help with each step of the way!

The sales tariff depends on a number of factors. Please contact us for an offer

You can expect the following extensive services with a smile:

  • First interview
  • Check legal documentation
  • Investigate status of the property
  • Costs of cadastral investigation and possible deeds
  • Value indication, including sales plan and advice on the asking price
  • Description about the property
  • Placing ‘for sale’ signs and / or posters
  • Advertising on
  • Advertising on various websites, including our own website
  • Linking the property to social media with a sponsored promotion on Facebook
  • Use of our extensive network
  • Viewings and organizing open house days
  • Send mailings to our network and various (international) organizations
  • Negotiations with the buyer on your behalf
  • Drafting the purchase agreement
  • Supervision up to and including the notary
  • Our dedication and expertise
  • And of course a bond for life ;)


We are happy to accommodate you if you need extra work or services that are not listed. Extra work and services are charged at our hourly rate. Our terms & conditions are applicable to all assignments.

Cost for promotion materials & NEN measuring report: €575,00 all in

  • Professional Photography
  • 360 degree photography
  • Video
  • Floorplans
  • NEN measurement report


Top position and Blikvanger (eye-catcher)

A top position and Blikvanger are optional Funda options. These make your advertisement pop even more:

  • Topposition: your property will be shown at the top of results and appears in search results with comparable properties.
  • Blikvanger: an eye-catcher which gives more space for your advertisement in the list and shows three pictures. A unique property of the property can be shown in a colorful text box.


Interested in Onesta Services?

When you are interested to use Onesta as intermediairy for your property, please contact us for more information.

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