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Information for sellers

Selling your home

The sales market is dynamic and not always predictable. Onesta Real Estate responds to this and focuses on selling at the best price and the most favorable terms.

The sales process : what can you expect from the sales broker?

Intake / registering your home

During the registration, you can express all your wishes and desires. We will inform you on what can be expected from Onesta Vastgoed as sale brokers. We will give you an insight into the housing market, supply and demand on the sales market and advise on an appropriate sales strategy. We will discuss the method of valuation and a realistic beneficial sale amount of the property. We can also give advice in certain circumstances to sell the home faster.


We will firstly evaluate the property, list the most important features in order to provide you a valuation and give you appropriate advice. The valuation is a global estimate of the market value of your property, which helps to determine the amount of the asking price.

Your home on the market

We provide an appealing, catchy description, a professional photo shoot and any other promotional material such as maps, "for sale" (garden) signs, videos, and 3D photography. We advertise through various channels such as, Funda.nl and other appropriate sale websites. We make an extensive use of social media to bring your home under the best attention of potential buyers.

Viewings and negotiations

As a sales agency we accompany viewings with potential buyers. As soon as there are interested parties, we begin the negotiations. You are welcome to be actively involved. Emotions can play a big part and work to your disadvantage, being objective can therefore be tricky. We approach the business and negotiate for you the best price and best terms.

Not always the highest price will be the best offer. Sometimes a lower bid without further conditions precedent are more favorable than a higher price with all kinds of uncertainties. Example of this could be, the financing conditions which often delay or stop the sale. Onesta Vastgoed will properly inform and assist you on this.

From purchase Agreement to transport

Once an agreement has been reached, these are recorded in a sales and purchase agreement where the rights and obligations of both parties (buying and selling) are included. We will answer all your questions regarding this important document. We also ensure that the terms and further agreements are respected, so that the transfer goes smooth at the notary.

Processing and concluding the sale

The settlement phase takes place as quickly and efficiently as possible. We keep in close contact with the buyer (His or Her agent) . Throughout the process of the sale we will keep you constantly informed of the progress and developments concerning your property . Your sales broker is always available for questions or advice. 

Onesta Real Estate sales brokers are always there for you!


Call us or contact us via the contact to discuss the possibilities for selling your home. We invite you for a meeting to discuss the possibilities.


Our goal: to offer our service as flexible and transparent as possible for you. Therefore, you can choose which (additional) services you wish to apply.

Basic sales package:

  • Advertisement placing on Funda website  for 12 months
  • Valuation including advice on asking price
  • Professional photoshoot
  • Professional floor plan
  • Creating a property description
  • For sale sign and / or poster
  • Advertising on various websites and Onesta Vastgoed website
  • Pairing the property on social media
  • Mailings bringing out your property within our network

Rates basic package:

Setup fee from € 550, - including 21% VAT.

The rate for the sale is dependent on several factors; contact us for more information.

* The startup costs are deducted from the commission.

Extra services:

  • Participation in the Open Houses route
  • Presentation package
  • Video
  • 360° photos
  • Label promo
  • Energy label 

Extra services: prices on request.


Interested in Onesta Services?

When you are interested to use Onesta as intermediairy for your property, please contact us for more information.

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