Property valuation

An appraisal or valuation of a property is desirable for several reasons and is often required.

The result can be recorded in a so-called value statement or in an extended (validated) valuation. Depending on the purpose of the assessment, the nature of the type of document is determined.

Purposes for an appraisal can be:

  • Obtaining (mortgage) financing
  • Obtaining NHG (National Mortgage Guarantee)
  • Determining the value before and after a renovation
  • For consideration when buying or selling properties
  • The distribution and transfer of the value when inherited or division of property.

The most common valuation is for the benefit of a (mortgage) funding. We can give an indication of the value beforehand.

For the valuation reports when obtaining National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG), there are strict requirements. Almost all banks and financial institutions apply these same demands.

The reports that we prepare meet the criteria and are validated (certified) by a recognized institute (predominantly the Dutch Property Value Institute (NWWI). This validates (approves) reports of home appraisals and ensures that the appraisal is fully prepared in accordance with the guidelines and regulations. With this objective accurate and reliable valuations, banks and financial institutions, lenders, intermediaries and of course consumers have insight on the method applied for the resulting appraised value. A positive element for the consumer, is the guarantee to the valuation report.

We offer our professional services at competitive all-inclusive rates with high qualitative and steady service.

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