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Onesta Vastgoed cooperates with specialists in the sector of mortgages. 

They will review possibilities with you and find out what type of mortgage fits you best and your situation. In addition, they take into account several factors. Research on how much (maximum) you can borrow and whether the National Mortgage Guarantee is possible. Your future plans are important,  you will be informed about the consequences of disability, death or retirement. All of these things are important when choosing a mortgage

Financing commercial real estate

Commercial real estate has been dormant for years. Average prices have dropped sharply in these past years. The way up is now found again. A good moment to step in! Especially when we take into consideration the very low mortgage rates. Property should not be lacking in a diversified investment portfolio. Royal Mortgage Service is the expert in the field of real estate, managing and financing.

Through an optimal mix of knowledge about real estate, finance and tax and legal aspects, we do more than just finance your real estate. We can also assist you in the purchase, renovation and management process. Your acquisition must indeed be as profitable as possible.

What can Royal Mortgage Service do for you?

The property market is now again a good investment, because there is still a growing demand for housing and a declining goodwill of banks in providing mortgages. The rental sector is also growing rapidly. This offers opportunities for commercial real estate. With our good bank contacts and networks we offer our expertise in the area of real estate. We are located in the real estate interesting cities such as The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen and Eindhoven. 

Where is the potency?

We limit ourselves to financially assist a select number of professionals and investors in commercial real estate. Royal Mortgage Service works according to the "building blocks" principle. You decide what we can do for you and how far we go with our services. We can unburden from A to Z. You can profit from our network of lawyers, accountants, investors and brokers. Complete renovations under guidance is also within the possibilities.

Through our network we are often commended about interesting investment properties. Even before the premises are out in the market, we can help you ´cherry pick´.  This is not only the speed but also the purchase price benefits.

The mortgage consultant is frequently present. An appointment can be made at our office or at a location of your choice.

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