Investment properties wanted The Hague

What is real estate investment?

Real estate investors own one or more properties to let in the housing market or as commercial space. By owning investment properties, a monthly cashflow is created through collecting rent. Furthermore, the value of real estate tends to increase over time and real estate investments are inflation-proof due to yearly inflation corrections for rental fees.

Know the market

Risk and financial gain are closely entangled in investments. The higher the expected gain, the higher the risk. Investing without risk is not possible. Reducing the risk by knowing the market and spreading your investments is very well possible.

Real estate investments can be spread over several segments, i.e. housing, recreational housing, shops, offices and commercial space. Each segment has its own risks and opportunities. By knowing the market trends and threats, it is possible to spread the risk evenly to create the highest return on investment.

Investment properties The Hague

Do you have investment properties for sale in The Hague? Onesta Real Estate is always interested in investment opportunities for our network of investors. Both leased properties and real estate eligible for letting are of great interest to us.

Investors are also welcome to join our network. Are you looking to invest in real estate? Both starting investors and professional investors are welcome to contact us. Onesta Real Estate is your partner of choice in the dynamic real estate market of The Hague and the wider region.

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Are you interested in selling your investment property or are you looking for an investment property yourself?

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