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Your Financial Advisor.

Some decisions must be made, decisions like a mortgage for your first home or whether or not to invest in real estate. These decisions require reliable financial advice.

The Onesta service guide offers a complete overview of our financial services for your convenience. Would you like to consult a certified advisor about your financial goals? Let us know and we’ll make it happen! Call 085 210 44 11 or send an email to

How can we help you?

There are many important choices you have to make in life. Buy or rent a house? Start a savings plan for your kids’ college education? Do you need disability insurance as a starting entrepreneur? Saving for retirement or opting to invest?

Let us help you!

Let us help you decide. In order for us to provide you with thorough and reliable financial advice, we will need certain information about your personal finances and your home. Discretion is guaranteed of course. We would also like to know about your hopes and dreams for the future, and your financial goals.


share your plans

First of all, we are very interested in your personal situation. In an introductory meeting, we will discuss your financial goals for the future and how we can help you pursue them. Also, we will provide you with a quick (preliminary) scan of the possibilities and an estimation of the feasibility of your plans.

To provide you with solid financial advice, we will need personal information and certain documents for which our discretion is guaranteed. This includes information about your home, income and financial situation. In addition, we might need to ask a realtor or valuer for their services.

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receive honest advice

Once we have a complete overview of your financial wishes and needs, your personal finances and the required documents, we can calculate the possibilities and compose a financial plan. We will thoroughly present and explain our advice ensuring you can make an informed decision.

In our experience, collaboration between the mortgage advisor and the realtor or valuer can be crucial. Preparation is key to put in a perfectly timed bid on a house in a hectic real estate market. Or to negotiate a better interest rate! Onesta facilitates all disciplines for optimal results.

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compare products

Not one financial product fits all, each one has its pros and cons. Do you prefer financial security even though this often means higher monthly costs? Or are you willing to take a slight risk?

The choice completely depends on your short and long term plans and who you are as a person! We will help you to compare and select the best option for your personal situation. You can count on a financial plan with a tailored advice to pursue your financial goals.

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document everything

Once you’ve decided which financial products will suit you best, we will facilitate the process with a quotation request followed by a perfectly executed application and agreement.

Together, we’ll carefully go over your file and review each document while we explain the corresponding conditions and possible risks. It is important to us that you understand the information in the documents that require your signature. Once this is done and you’re happy to proceed, you can sign!

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no worries

When our services are completed and your financial goals are being met, life continues. Perhaps your plans change over the next couple of years? Or new financial products are released, products that are a better match for your situation?

Leave it to us! Let us manage your financial goals for optimal results and maximum savings. We will periodically check your financial situation for external influences and changes in your personal finances that require optimization. Ask your advisor for more information on our management service subscription.

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Bereken je maximale hypotheek

Hieronder kun je jouw maximale hypotheek berekenen. Wil je direct persoonlijk advies? Neem dan contact met ons op.

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