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Our newest homes

Usselincxstraat 76
Den Haag

Walk-up flat
61m² 2 bedrooms
€ 295.000 k.k.
Hulshorststraat 273
Den Haag

Walk-up house
64m² 2 bedrooms
€ 250.000 k.k.
Gedempte Gracht 573
Den Haag

Apartment w/ access balcony
60m² 1 bedrooms
€ 1.350 p.m. ex.

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Looking for a purchase or sales broker The Hague for renting or renting out a property? Rental is becoming more and more attractive.

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Properties wanted


Omg. Van Alkemadelaan

Den Haag

Voor een klant zijn wij op zoek naar een garagebox in de omgeving van de Van Alkemadelaan (Jacob Muldersweg, Bertus Rimaweg e.o.)

Bent/kent u de eigenaar die hiervan af wil? Laat het ons weten!

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Onze klant is haar ideale woning kwijt! Helpt u ons hem weer terugvinden?

Heeft u deze woning toevallig zien staan of voorbij zien komen? Laat het ons weten, want dan kunnen we een heel ongeruste klant goed nieuws brengen ;)

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Recently sold

Jan van Rodestraat 63
Den Haag

Walk-up house
73m² 3 bedrooms
Hoenderloostraat 5
Den Haag

Walk-up house
85m² 2 bedrooms
Rembrandtlaan 75

Walk-up house
117m² 4 bedrooms

Investments & investors

We are constantly looking for a large group of real estate investors
to rented real estate or properties that qualify for this.
Do you invest yourself? We are also looking for investors!

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Onesta Real Estate The Hague

Looking for a broker or financial advisor? The dynamic real estate market calls for reliable and transparent service with a high standard for customer relations. Onesta real estate agents and mortgage services guarantees this kind of quality service.

We have specialized brokers and mortgage advisors who can help you anywhere in the ‘Randstad Regio’ (Megalopolis). Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our clients and quality is our most important core value. 

One Stop Shop

Onesta Makelaardij aims to provide clients with a one stop shop experience. We offer a variety of services related to real estate and mortgaging as a complete package to get results and save time. Clients may expect customized services that fulfil their individual needs.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, rent or let, need an appraisal, mortgage or insurance, Onesta is your preferred partner. We prepare clients for the real estate market in a very effective way and provide clients with the best suitable mortgage, financial services and insurances.


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