Do you need a valuation of your property? Onesta Real Estate is the preferred choice if you need a valuation for any reason.

Property valuations:

There can be several different reasons for a valuation:

  • To obtain a mortgage loan
  • To acquire the Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG)
  • To assess the value of a property before a renovation or investment, and afterwards
  • To assess the value of a rented property (real estate investment)
  • To determine the right strategy when buying or selling a property
  • To calculate the value of an estate for an inheritance or separation


The findings of a valuation are recorded in an extensive (validated) valuation report.

Valuation report

A valuation report for the Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG) has to meet extremely strict requirements. Practically all banks and lenders have the same requirements for a mortgage with NHG. (The NHG is a special kind of insurance to cover the monthly mortgage payments in case of disability or unemployment.)

Onesta can deliver valuation reports that meet the standards for validation (certification) by an acknowledged institute, i.e. the NWWI (Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut). This institute monitors each valuation report to verify its compliance with rules and regulations.

These objective, reliable and clear valuation reports can provide insight into the value assessment to banks, lenders, agents and consumers. The guaranteed objectivity serves the best interest of consumers.

Special valuations

Onesta is your preferred partner when you need a special valuation that requires more research and expert knowledge. For example, a valuation of the expected value growth of a property after renovation or reconstruction. The possibilities for financing depend on the valuation report,  it can either make or break the investment. In case of a rented property, the value is determined by the weighing of several factors. One of these factors is a complex calculation of the return on investment. Onesta Real Estate has the expertise to provide these special valuations. Feel free to ask for a quote at or 070 345 9522.








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