Renting your home

Renting your home to expatriates (expats)

As the number of expatriates and internationals in The Hague are constantly growing, Onesta Vastgoed is always looking for available rentals.

The houses should be preferably upholstered and/or furnished. The houses are offered to rent for short or long periods of time.

Are you are going on a trip around the world, staying for short or long term in a different location, or have an available property  and want to rent your home? Onesta Vastgoed can find a suitable tenant (whether expat or not). The prospective tenant is nominated for acceptance from you.

Homes are being expansively brought up in attention through modern methods and various channels. We are also in contact with diverse (international) organizations to actively offer our properties internally. We mainly rent to expats / internationals.

How does the rental of your property work?




Intake / home recording

During the registration, you can express all your wishes and desires. We tell you what can be expected from Onesta Vastgoed as rental agent and explain our approach. We discuss the options, give you insight into the housing market and advise you on your rights and obligations as a landlord. Furthermore, we inform you about any consequences of renting. After receiving all the information we can give you advice on the rental expectations. In addition, we can also give you practical tips to rent the property faster.

Renting the property

We provide an appealing description, a professional photo shoot and any other promotional material such as maps, "for rent" (garden) signs, videos, and 3D photography. We advertise through various channels such as and other rental websites. We also makes an extensive use of social media to bring your home to full attention of potential tenants.

Property viewings and negotiations

Potential tenants are guided by us during viewings of your property. Once interest is shown, we will begin negotiating the price and conditions, for which we represent your interests. Here we will take into account a favorable situation for you as the owner.

Agreement landlord and tenant

Once an agreement has been reached with the tenant , we will draw up the tenancy agreement and ensure that it is legally signed and binding. We also coordinate the first rental and deposit payment.

The transfer

Subsequently, the so-called " check-in " is performed. Here an inspection report is drawn up in which the condition of the property is recorded. We will ensure that the report is completed and take appropriate photos. This step is important, as the inspection can serve as evidence in any dispute over the contents (part) of the deposit.

Throughout the process of renting your property we will keep you informed of the progress and developments concerning your property . We are always there for you.

We welcome you for a meeting to discuss the possibilities.


We charge a fee equal to 1 month rent plus 21% VAT for a successful rental transaction.

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