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The demand for rental properties is growing, both for short stay and long term. In bigger Dutch cities like The Hague, expats are arriving almost on a daily basis seeking residence.

Do you have a vacant residential property or are you thinking of letting your own home for a certain period? We can help you find a suitable tenant. Letting a house can be quite a challenge. Onesta is an experienced letting agent and it will be our pleasure to turn this into a successful undertaking for you.

Turning a challenge into a joy

Onesta will help you let your property. As a matter of fact, it is our mission to turn this challenge into a process you will enjoy. From the first introduction to signing the rental agreement, we will make sure you have a stress-free experience. This action plan explains in seven simple steps how Onesta will guide you through the process.




Action plan


Step 1: Wish list

Are you thinking of letting your home? First, we will meet for an intake interview to get to know you, your wishes and expectations, and the property at hand. We will discuss the state of the property and the possibilities for rent. We will inform you about the market and how much rent you may expect to receive. In this meeting, we will also tell you more about our services and how we will assist you with your rights and obligations as a landlord.

The intake and your wish list is our guideline. Onesta will provide you with your own contact person for the entire process. The terms of our cooperation will be confirmed in a service agreement.

Step 2: Presentation

After signing the service agreement, we will put together a professional presentation of your property. We’ll make picture of the house and we’ll draft a catchy description. You will be asked for your approval of the advertisement before we post it online.

Step 3: Promotion

We’ll try to get maximum exposure for your property through our own website, online rental websites like and We’ll spread the word through our network of realtors and social media channels. Last but not least, we’ll promote your property with the employers of international staff and we’ll advertise on relevant expat websites.

You can choose to use extra resources, i.e.:

  • professional (3D) photography
  • styling
  • floorplans
  • video’s

Step 4: Viewings

When people start showing an interest, we will plan the viewings. You can choose to be present at these viewings but you can also let us handle them. We will always keep your preferences in mind, your wish list is our guide. We can plan individual viewings or invite people for an open house. Sometimes, when the interest is overwhelming, it’s better to schedule open houses for prospective tenants to come at the same time.

As soon as serious candidates come forward, we’ll begin the negotiations about price, term of lease and other conditions. Again, your wish list is our directive. We will not settle for the first candidate, we’ll keep on showing your property to anyone who has an interest. This way, we will be able to find the best tenant to match your preferences.

Step 5: The best match

When we have found the best candidates for your property, we will research their credit standing and run a background check. We do this so you can make an informed decision on who will be the most reliable tenant. In the end, it’s up to you to whom you will let your property. After you’ve made your choice, we will inform the candidates.

Step 6: Signature

Onesta will draft the rental agreement, taking your conditions and the negotiations with the tenant into account. With your approval, we will send the lease to the tenant for his or her signature.
Upon the return of the signed agreement, we will plan the check-in. We will perform an inspection and make pictures of your property, just to record the state the property is in at the time of the transfer. This is important to prevent disputes about the security deposit later. You may be present during this check-in but it’s not required. The inspection report will be sent to you digitally.

Step 7: Congratulations!

After the check-in, we will arrange for the handover of keys. Your property is officially let, congratulations!



Onesta is here to help with each step of the way!

Our letting agent fee is 1,21 x the monthly rent with a € 750,00 minimum per assignment. BTW (VAT) is included in this fee. It also includes the posting on for 3 months.

Extra promotional resources as mentioned in step 3 will be separately invoiced. You will first receive a quote of the extra cost.

When you decide to cancel your assignment, we will charge you € 100,00 to compensate the cost we’ve made, plus the cost for the posting which is € 50,00.

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