Housing Permit

Why do you need a housing permit?

Per July 1, 2019, a new law requires an income check before you can rent affordable housing. This way, affordable housing stays within reach for people on a smaller budget. It also make illegal occupancy easier to detect and combat.

When is a housing permit required?

A tenant needs to apply for a housing permit in case of:

  • Renting a property for a monthly rent up to € 950,-; but also
  • Any property with 185 or less points according to the rental property assessment system.

What is the rental property assessment system?

In Dutch it is called the woningwaarderingsstelsel or WWS in short. The WWS is an assessment system that determines the maximum rental fee for a rental property. Points are awarded for properties such as the number of rooms and square footage. Also, things like the energy label, outside areas and double glazing receive extra points.

Is it possible to start renting during the application procedure?

The application procedure for the housing permit can take up to eight weeks. During this time, the rental agreement can take effect. If the housing permit is denied, the rental agreement will be terminated and the tenant is required to leave the property.


This link will take you to additional information on housing regulations and to the application form for the housing permit (in Dutch). A housing permit application needs a letter of intent from the landlord stating that he/she agrees to you renting the property. 

In every property ad we publish, Onesta Real Estate will specify whether a housing permit is required. You can reach us if you need any additional information at 070 345 95 22 or info@onesta-vastgoed.com

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