"Hey you!" Get a Room! (International student? Must read!)

Are you a (international) student or young professional and looking for a fully-furnished room?

Then Stay at Spot is the place to be for you!

A centrally-located yet budget-friendly place? Spot makes room for you

In the last decade, the definition of how we work, live and study changed significantly. So we’ve designed Spot: a platform to organise housing for young professionals, (inter)national students, university leavers, and all work/study-variations in between. We empower individuals and groups to easily find a socially connected hub in their new city. Or to even find a side job via our connections with employment agencies.

About Spot

An important feature of Spot is that it’s safe and reliable. Finding a place to live is a hassle – think of dodgy landlords, creepy appointments, and vague upfront payments. It’s a distraction from what you came here for: to study, work or start a new challenge. Spot helps you to focus on what matters most to you.

Our aim

Our aim is to make housing suitable for more people. That’s why our collection of studio apartments and locations are as diverse as the people who enjoy them. At Spot, you have your own private (bed)room, while communal areas are shared – also known as co-living. Nearly everyone who opts for a co-living lifestyle is eager to make contact and meet new people. Even if you’re the shy type, living with other people can encourage you to connect. This means a sense of belonging instead of being alone in a foreign city. 

Come over and Stay at Spot. Our aim is to make life easier for you. All you have to do on arrival is unpack your suitcase, and explore the city, work, study, or mingle with locals.


Check out the website at




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